Charity Platform

Supportive Platforms for International Graduates


Yuanheng Holdings plans to give priority to international graduates for employment and Start-Up ventures to lease the reserved commercial units and offices located at the Viewstar Richmond gateway project.

This business base is superior in location, easy to commute, close to rapid transit, favored by the Chinese to inhabit, and business is booming, with relatively more elected representatives with Chinese heritage in government offices, only 5 minutes’ drive from Vancouver International Airport, only 30 minutes’ drive from the Canada-US border… It is the best platform for international students to launch their career or start a business.

Home Ownership

If the international student chooses to settle and live in ViewStar, and the family financial condition is favorable, the student is recommended to get familiar with the social and regulatory aspects of BC.

Yuanheng will give preferential policies to international students, the deposit requirement to secure the purchase of an apartment is only 30% of the purchase price. At closing, if the student is unsure about of his/her future plan in Canada, Yuanheng will provide up to two years of grace period before the completion of the purchase of the apartment. During this time, the student will keep the apartment by leasing it from Yuanheng. The rent (except the expense related to the operation of the apartment such as utility charges, strata fee, parking fee and property tax) will be accumulated as part of the purchase price of the apartment.


International students are given priority to obtain approval from Yuanheng Holdings and enjoy preferential commercial lease rate to operate as proprietary or partnership.  When it comes to legal, financial and other related issues during the operation of the business, in order to better cope with it, Yuanheng urges those students participate in local affairs, integrate into the mainstream, contribute to society and serve the community. One of the ways to participate is by volunteering at the offices of the elected representatives of the three level of governments, to learn more about laws, regulations and other related policies.

Give back to local communities

Community Centre

Yuanheng Holdings Co., Ltd. advocates the Viewstar neighborhood culture of “Be friends, good neighbors, guarding and helping each other, living and working in peace, contributing to society” and is planning and building for the City of Richmond a muti-function sport community centre with a total area of 35,000 square feet, which will be the largest community center in Richmond, with an estimated daily traffic of about 3,000-5,000 people. It will become the most popular leisure place for the public.


Yuanheng Holdings signed an agreement to donate $100,000 to Richmond Hospital Foundation to upgrade the hardware and software facilities of Richmond Hospital, to provide better services to the local community. Richmond Hospital is the largest community medical facility, its service and facility condition will directly affect our living quality. Improving the quality of the facility will benefit all the residents of Viewstar. Yuanheng appeals to the owners and prospective owners of Viewstar to show their love and donate to support Richmond Hospital.


Yuanheng Holdings has always cared for and supported the cause of education. Over the years, it has been sponsoring “Canada Fujian International Student Scholarship” and “10-year Education Awards”. The purpose of the scholarships is to enhance the self-confidence of the students in a foreign country and highlight the new era of excellent Chinese students and the influence of international students living in a foreign country. It does not matter they return to their home countries, or stay in Canada to work, they will truly benefit the people and the country they have chosen. They are the talents who understand multiculturalism and will play a new role in the communication between Canada and the rest of the world.

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